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Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing CAPABILITIES

  • Base Material: CME1/FR-4/Aluminum/Copper/Flex/Rogers/Polyimide
  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-6OZ,Pilot run:12OZ, 0.5-6OZ, Pilot run: 12OZ
  • Board Thickness: 0.1mm–10.00mm
  • Layer: 1 – 36 Layers
  • Min. Hole Size: Mechanical 0.1mm, Laser hole 0.075mm
  • Min. Line Width: 0.075m(3mil)
  • Board Outline Tolerance: ±0.1mm
  • ∹ Mini Solder Mask Bridge: 0.05mm

    ∹ Surface finish type: Hasl/Lead free Hasl、Immersion gold、Immersion Tin、Immersion silver, OSP,etc

PCB  Assembly details

  • Assembly Type: SMT and Thru-hole
  •       ∹ PCB SMT lines: 7
  • Copper Thickness: OEM Custom Design
  • Capacity: 52 million placements per month
  • Max board size: 680x550mm (27″x22″)
  • Speed: 0.15 sec/chip,0.7 sec/QFP
  • Wave soldering: 2
  • Max temp: 399 degree C
  • Spray flux: add-on
  • Certificate: ROHS,ISO9001 etc
  • Delivery time:1-15 Days
  •       ∹ Testing: 100%testing


ItemStandard FPCHDI Flex PCBRigid-flex PCB
Panel Size250*400mm100*100mm250*400mm
Line Width/Space.003” (0.076mm).00075” (19μm).003” (0.076mm)
Copper Thickness1/2oz – higher1/4 to 1/2oz1/2 oz – higher
Layer Count10 layer18 layer4 layer
(to date)(to date)(to date)
Via / Drill Dia.
Min Drill (Mechanical) Hole Dia..008” (0.2mm).006” (0.15mm).008” (0.2mm)
Min Via (Laser) Dia.5mil (0.13mm)3mil (0.076mm)6mil (0.15mm)
Min Micro-via (Laser) Dia.3mil (0.076mm)3mil (0.076mm)3mil (0.076mm)
Stiffener MaterialPI / FR4 / MetalPI / FR4 / MetalFR4 / PI
Shielding MaterialCopperCopperCopper
Silver InkSilver InkSilver Ink
Tooling Tolerance2mil (.051mm)2mil (.051mm)2mil (.051mm)
Zif Tolerance2mil (.051mm)1mil (.025mm)2mil (.051mm)
Solder Mask
Solder Mask Bridge Between Dam5mil (0.13mm)4mil (0.10mm)5mil (0.13mm)
Solder Mask Registration Tolerance4mil (0.10mm)4mil (0.10mm)5mil (0.13mm)
Coverlay Registration8mil (0.20mm)5mil (0.13mm)8mil (0.20mm)
PIC Registration7mil (0.18mm)4mil (0.10mm)7mil (0.18mm)
Solder Mask Registration5mil (0.13mm)4mil (0.10mm)5mil (0.13mm)
Polyimide (PI) Stiffener Registration
Stiffener Registration10mil (0.25mm)10mil (0.25mm)10mil (0.25mm)
Thickness Tolerance10%10%10%
FR4 Stiffener
Stiffener Registration10mil (0.25mm)10mil (0.25mm)Layer to Layer
Thickness Tolerance10%10%5mil
Silkscreen /Legend
Min Height35mil (0.89mm)25mil (0.64mm)35mil (0.89mm)
Min Width8mil (0.20mm)6mil (0.15mm)8mil (0.20mm)
Min Space8mil (0.20mm)6mil (0.15mm)8mil (0.20mm)
Registration+/-5mil (0.13mm)+/-5mil (0.13mm)+/-5mil (0.13mm)
SRD (Steel Rule Die)
Outline Tolerance5mil (0.13mm)2mil (.051mm)5mil (0.13mm)
Min Radius5mil (0.13mm)4mil (0.10mm)5mil (0.13mm)
Inside Radius20mil (0.51mm)10mil (0.25mm)31mil (0.79mm)
Min Punching Hole Dia.40mil (1.02mm)31.5mil (0.80mm)N/A
Pucnhing Hole Dia. Tolerance+/-2mil (0.05mm)+/-1mil (0.03mm)N/A
Slot Width20mil (0.51mm)15mil (0.38mm)31mil (0.79mm)
Tolerance of Hole To Outline+/-3mil (0.076mm)+/-2mil (0.05mm)+/-4mil (0.10mm)
Tolerance of Hole Edge To Outline+/-4mil (0.10mm)+/-3mil (0.076mm)+/-5mil (0.13mm)
Min Size of Trace To Outline8mil (0.20mm)5mil (0.13mm)10mil (0.25mm)


ELE PCB has got the IS09001:2015, IS013485:2016, ROHS and FCC certifications. We can offer all kinds of services, including PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly, sample orders and batch orders. For PCB assembly, utilizing 7 high-speed SMT PCBA lines from Yamaha and Sony, to meet our customers’ needs. Our extended services include PCB design &PCB Layout, hardware design engineering, firmware &software development, and personalization. ELE company is honored as an excellent supplier from any company all around the world. We deeply believe that our good service and experience will completely meet your needs. Integrality, value and innovation are the forces that drive our success.



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