PCB Colors: Blue Circuit Board vs Green Circuit Board

Add Your Heading Text Here Get Pricing and Lead Time Table of Contents Introduction As we embark on the journey of comparing blue and green circuit boards, let’s pause to explore the often-overlooked aspect of PCBs, their colors. The color of a PCB is not merely a cosmetic choice; it holds functional significance and serves as […]

Through-hole Technology (THT) PCB Assembly

Through-hole technology (THT) involves inserting the electronic components through holes drilled into the PCB. THT components are typically larger and more robust than SMT components, making them suitable for applications that require high current and voltage.

A Practical Guide to Selection of PCB Materials and Features of FR-4 PCB Material

When it comes to fabricating printed circuit boards in today’s world of cutting-edge electronics, selecting the correct type of PCB materials is crucial. In this detailed article learn everything about the composition of PCBs, the most prevalent types of PCB materials, and the most important aspects you should keep in mind when selecting PCB material choices for manufacturing.