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Green PCB

This article will guide you through all the information on green PCB, why circuit boards are green, how green circuit boards are made, and a comparison of green PCB with other colored circuit boards. 

What is Green PCB?

Green PCB

Green PCB is the green circuit board whose outer cover of resin is green in color. This resin is also known as solder mask. It is hardened resin applied to the circuit board with colored pigments. Solder masks are available in various colors, including blue, white, yellow, red, and black. It is used in circuit boards to protect it from corrosion and short circuits. Besides, it also protects the copper traces from various environmental factors. 

The green circuit board is a common choice and most widely used in the electronics industry. It improves contrast and visibility, which helps engineers and designers detect the problems on board. Greenboard has become the standard and recognizable feature in electronic devices.

Why Green Matters in Electronics?

The term “Green” provides environmental calmness. Thus, not only in practical terms, but Green PCB reflects environmental consciousness. It is a dominating color in the PCB industry. However, the functionality of Green PCBs is the same as that of other colored PCBs. Let’s see why Green matter in electronics:

Tradition and Standardization

The green circuit board has become a default color PCB solder mask in the PCB domain. The standardization leads to optimized manufacturing, which creates an economy of scale. When the green circuit board is accepted widely, it simplifies the production and supply chain, reducing costs.

 Furthermore, optimized production flows with the available market, enabling faster processing times and helping to reduce product delivery time for customers. 

Color Contrast

In previous days, when there were no advanced technologies to troubleshoot the circuit board, it would be really challenging to check the small components and circuit tracers every day. Thus, psychologists suggest that the color green provides calmness and has a relaxing effect on the body, too. 

Also, the green color has a better contrast to look for the traces, pads, space, and printing of silkscreen. So, with its best color contrast to identify the issues in the circuit board and also its psychological effect, green color has been widely used in previous days. 

Industry Recognition

Green circuit boards have become a visual indication of electronic devices. Green solder masks have become the industry standard because of their availability and streamlined production process. Besides, the consistent performance of green PCB makes it recognized as the industry standard. The green-colored solder mask provides reliable electrical insulations and helps to perform in the vast majority of standard applications. 

Environment Friendly

The colors black and blue are relatively conductive since they are mixed with carbon and cobalt. This raises the risk of short circuits. Green PCB doesn’t release any harmful gases when recycled at high temperatures. Green PCB is environmentally friendly compared to other colored PCBs. 

The green solder mask which is used today is fit for lead-free soldering. This eliminates the need for particular solder masks for lead-free applications, which further helps to save the cost. Thus, the environment-friendly characteristics of green PCB are making it popular in modern times, too. 

Cost Effective

The green circuit board is widely used and is cost-effective in the PCB domain. Green solder masks are widely available in the market. The high demand for green PCB has led to the large-scale production of green solder masks. 

This availability of materials helps cut costs. Besides, most of the PCB manufacturing and standards are designed for green circuitry. Thus, the compatibility of equipment with industry standards reduces the additional need for modifications. This ultimately saves the cost.

Why is the circuit board green in color?

  • A solder mask is used in the circuit board to provide a protective layer to it. It’s a thing that gives color to the PCB. The circuit board can be blue, red, white, and black too. The solder mask provides the various colors of PCB. Green circuit boards are popular because, in the early days, green was the only option. Besides, the color green bears some advantages too. Thus, green PCBs are still very popular these days, and engineers and designers are trying to optimize these green PCBs more. 

    The primary reason for the green circuit board is the green solder mask. Besides other factors contribute to making the green circuit board:

    • Green PCBs provide the best visual effect in yellow light rooms during board-making and post-filming processes in PCB production.
    • During SMT patch processing, tinning, AOI calibration, and patching benefit from the optical positioning calibration. Also, green circuit boards are more instrument-friendly.
    • Green PCBs are eye-friendly for workers during inspections, reducing strain when observing under intense light.
    • Environmentally friendly: Green PCBs release no toxic gas during high-temperature recycling.
    • Colors like black, purple, and blue can increase difficulty in inspection and maintenance due to their dark shades.
    • Green epoxy resin, expected and affordable, makes green PCBs the default choice in the manufacturing industry.
    • Even in high-quality fields like military and industrial control, green PCBs made from economical materials remain a preferred standard.

How is Green PCB Different from other PCBs?


Green PCB

Other Colored PCBs


Standard green color.

Various colors like red, blue, and black.

Industry Standard

Widely accepted and expected.

Used based on design or aesthetic needs.


Good contrast for easy inspection.

Visibility may vary based on color.

Environmentally Friendly

Generally considered eco-friendly.

May contain materials like cobalt or carbon.


Often halogen-free for safety.

May or may not be halogen-free.

RoHS Compliance

Compliant with RoHS regulations.

Compliance varies based on color.


Materials may be recyclable.

Recycling challenges for some colors.

Manufacturing Cost

Cost-effective due to standardization.

Costs may vary based on color choice.

Visual Recognition

Recognizable in the electronics industry.

Varies in recognition based on color.

Eco-Friendly Materials of Green PCB

Materials of Green Circuit Board

Green PCB is not just green; designs are coinciding with various factors, one of which is the environmental factor. Let’s look into some of the eco-friendly materials of Green PCB:
Lead-Free Solder

Green PCB uses lead-free solder made from silver, tina, and copper. The use of lead-free solder helps in environmental safety.

Halogen Free Substates

In traditional, softened material contains halogen compounds. It releases harmful gases. Green PCB uses halogen-free substrates, which helps to reduce the environmental impact.

RoHS Compliant Materials

Green PCBs follow RoHS standards, which ban harmful compounds like lead, mercury, and cadmium. This ensures that dangerous substances are kept to a minimum.

Recycle Substrates

Some Green PCBs make use of recyclable products, and it makes it easier to manage the waste. Besides, when these materials are recycled at high temperatures, they do not produce harmful gases.

Low Impact Printing and Etching

The printing and etching process in PCB manufacturing can have an environmental impact. Green circuit boards make use of low-impact PCB techniques to minimize chemical usage and waste generation. 



Green PCB is a green circuit board with a green solder mask. The color is used for industry recognition and standardization. Green PCbs are not only standard in the electronics domain but also contribute to eco-friendly practices. The popularity of green boar is driven by various factors like cost effectiveness, environmental factors, and even the efficient manufacturing process. 

If you are seeking to upgrade your green circuit board for a more innovative and eco-friendly solution, then ElePCB can help you achieve your goals. We are the leading PCB manufacturing company with a group of experts and engineers. Make the switch today for a greener and more sustainable electronics future! Explore Green PCB today with Ele PCB. Contact us today for more information. 


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